Down Under Meets with SCUBAPRO

The Down Under staff recently had the pleasure meeting with Eric from Scubapro for a product knowledge seminar to review the latest and greatest equipment from Scubapro.  Lets take a look at some of our favorites.

The Mark 25 regulator systems provide effortless breathing and exceptional performance, making dives comfortable and enjoyable. It delivers a consistent flow of air at varying depths, ensuring safety and peace of mind underwater.

The G2 dive computer is a game-changer for any diver. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation makes it easy to monitor dive profiles, track my bottom time, and stay within safe limits. The crystal-clear full color display was a bonus, even in low visibility conditions.
The new Level and Glide BCDs offers outstanding buoyancy control and comfort throughout your dives. Their ergonomic design allowed for a snug fit, and the quick-release features makes gear adjustments a breeze. Plus, the durability of the materials will give confidence in its reliability.
Overall, Scubapro's commitment to quality and innovation truly shines through in their equipment. Divers can look forward to dives being not only safe but also incredibly enjoyable, thanks to these outstanding products. We wholeheartedly recommend Scubapro to any diver looking for top-notch gear to enhance their underwater adventures.

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