PADI Sidemount Diver

Sidemount diving enables a unique way of buoyancy control resulting in a more streamlined profile that reduces drag making finning and moving through the water easier and more efficient. Offers a greater comfort level as sidemount equipment and harness can be custom fit to each individual, accommodating divers of all shapes and sizes. Great for divers with any disabilities, as you carry the cylinder(s) separate from your harness to the water. Whilst within the water you would then attach your cylinders and weights, making the entries and exits to dive sites much easier. Safer option in terms of air management as you have an easier access to your cylinder valve(s), first stage(s) and alternate regulator should a problem arise. One harness and BCD does it all. This statement is now true as the same sidemount equipment you use, can be used for more advanced types of diving i.e wreck, technical and cave diving."

Price: $500 (Sidemount Rental Included)

Sample Schedule
Day 1 Sidemount Equipment Orientation, Confined Water Dives
Day 2 Openwater Dives 1-3
Lamar on why choose Sidemount

Evolution of Sidemount

Tank Setup

Reg Configuration

Reg Config Mixed Teams

Reg Config Mission Specific

Light Setup

Stage Bottle Setup

The Hollis SMS 100 Harness

Sidemount Skills Demo

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