Weekend Dive Report

G'day Divers,

What better way is there to spend Mother's Day then diving an awesome wreck your family.
Down Under surprised our diving moms with free tanks and weights on this Mother's Day Diving Event.

Instructor Jim Mahan ready to take the plunge with Holly.
Everyone was happy about the flat seas, bright sunshine, and clear water on our way to the Navy Tug.  It's always a good sign when nobody showed up with bananas and dolphins were playing at the end of the dock.

We were blown away by the nearly 100' viz and schooling almaco jacks that greeted us upon descent.  Water temp was 74, still wetsuit weather but its getting there.  We saw many damsels and loads of arrow crabs.  Beth's team even found the tiny spotted morray.

On the ascent Bryan, Morgan and Chris encountered a nice sanbar shark.  Sweet!

Divemaster Neal gives everyone the heads up.

Of course the divers that didn't see it didn't believe Morgan.  So they had to go see for them selves.  Isn't the right Eric.  Hehe.

After a nice surface interval and some fresh "Down Under Style" Pineapple.  The crew made their way to Atlantis bridge rubble.
After crossing a rather nasty tide line we feared we had lost our good luck with the viz.  Divemaster JT called out "Ok, who is hiding a banana on board?"

Iphone and a dive knife recovered by the Advanced Open Water Divers on the Search and Recovery Dive.
We were all pleasantly surprised to find that the murk was only on the surface and the viz was about 40'.  Divemaster candidates practiced rescue drills and and mapped the artificial reef to get up to date depth readings on the different sections for later briefings.

"The" spalsh was a bit surprising as big "fish' jumped out of the water in front of bow.  (you will have to ask Divemaster JT about that)  Haha.

Congratulations to Jim's student, Holly Gray on being Down Under's newest certified diver.
Beth's team did an excellent job of completing their final Adventure Dives to obtain the Advanced Open Water Diver Certification, yay to Micheal Gray, Kevin Johnson, and Jennifer Jacobs.
And how about a round of applause to Neal Baum and Eric Waller on completing the coveted PADI Divemaster Course.  Good job guys, Go Pro!

All in all it was a great day of diving.

Instructor Beth Schrader takes us on a tour of the sites we dove today.