Marker Buoys on the Whiskey Wreck

Down Under Dive Shop staff placed "No Boating Buoys" on the Whiskey Wreck today.
We all know the joys of a safari hunt dive for our old favorite beach dive, the Whiskey Wreck.  Well those days have come to an end.  The State of Alabama and City of Gulf Shores have deemed it a navigational hazard and charged us anchoring the markers on the out skirts of the wreck.

Mitch and and a crew of Down Under's Divemasters located the borders of the wreckage (over 200' long 10' to 14' depth) and anchored four hazard buoys on the wreck.  Mitch says the wreck is in the middle.  Boats must now follow the regulations imposed by the State's markers. For info on what the markers mean click the link:

Divers wishing to venture out to the wreck are still required by law to have a personal 14" dive flag or SMB with dive flag and surface within 50' of it while in state waters.

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