Weekend Dive Report (May 22)

G'day Divers,
We were joined by the crew of Harry's Dive Shop, including the Miss Cindy herself.
The fog lifted and openend up our view to flat seas, so the Down Under made its way to the 109 tug.

We tied in and the and Harry's cre hit the water, Viz was about 60' and water temp was 73.

JT Found an awesome crab and loads of jacks were schooling the wreck.

After a surface interval JT carved up some Down Under style pineapple we headed to Atlantis North Peice.

We seamed to have caught Atlantis on an outgoing tide Viz was about 15' and water temp was 69. Divers back around the structures and encountered an octopus and Bryan and Kaitlin found a huge conger eel.

Thank's Harry's.