Down Under Dive Shop & Boy Scouts of America Diving Event

Saturday May 7th, 2011 join Down Under Dive Shop, PADI, and Vortex Springs as they host the Boy Scout Diving Event. The event starts at 10 am with orientation, dive briefings, and gearing up.

11:00 am Event 1: Scouts new to diving will experience scuba for the first time in shallow waters with our professional scuba instructors via Discover Scuba Diving.  Certified Scouts will take this time to do a quick scuba tune-up, to review skills.  Scouts participating in this event will earn credit for Confined water Dive 1 and Open Water Dive 1, for the Open Water Diver Course.

12:30 - 1:30pm LUNCH

2:00 pm Event 2: Search and Recovery workshop.  Certified Scouts will practice Search and Recovery techniques using underwater navigation and search lines to locate missing/lost objects. Non-certified Scouts will use snorkling techniques during this event.

3:00 pm Event 3: Introduction to Full Face Mask diving. Certified Scouts will experience using Ocean Reef's Neptune Space full face masks in shallow waters.

4:00 pm Event 4: Communication under water. Non-certified Scouts will learn to assist divers who are using full face masks to recover objects.

Contact Bryan Eslava to sign your Scouts up today.
251-979-8459   Cell

The cost of each event is $25.00 per Scout.

Down Under Dive Shop, PADI and BSA Bring Scuba to Scouts

Much like scouting, the overall philosophy of scuba encourages the quest for adventure. It is a life changing experience that enables young men and women to embrace challenges in a whole new way. That first breath underwater; the feeling of total weightlessness as you embark into a foreign world enables you to be part of something so powerful it transforms your life!

Achievement of the Scuba Diving merit badge will result in a PADI Open Water Diver Certification. This is a lifetime certification that is only the first step into an endless world of new experiences, adventure and fun.

This is a NEW Merit Badge.
Requirements for Merit Badge

1.Complete knowledge development via Online Course (must be 13yrs of age or older) or the Knowledge Reviews of the Open Water Diver Manual.
a.Show that you know first aid for injuries or illnesses that could occur while scuba diving, including hypothermia, hyperventilation, squeezes, decompression illness, nitrogen narcosis, motion sickness, fatigue, overexertion, heat reactions, dehydration, injuries by aquatic life, and cuts and scrapes.

b.Identify the conditions that must exist before performing CPR on a person, and explain how to recognize such conditions. Demonstrate the proper technique for performing CPR using a training device approved by your counselor.

2.Before completing requirements 3 through 6, earn the Swimming merit badge.

3.Discuss the Scuba Diver’s Code with your merit badge counselor, and explain the importance of each guideline to a scuba diver’s safety.

4.Earn an Open Water Diver Certification from a scuba organization recognized by the Boy Scouts of America scuba policy.

5.Explain what an ecosystem is, and describe four aquatic ecosystems a diver might experience.

6. Find out about three career opportunities in the scuba industry. Pick one and find out the education, training, and experience required for this profession. Discuss this with your counselor, and explain why this profession might interest you.

Minimum Course Content for Open Water Diver Certification

The following abbreviated list represents the RSTC “Minimum Course Content for Open Water Diver Certification.” It is not intended as a complete outline of learning objectives for an Open Water Diver course. Development of learning objectives is left to the respective training agencies.

During the Open Water Diver course you can look forward to learning basic scuba theory and developing entry-level scuba skills required for certification. All scuba instruction must meet the minimum training standards for Entry-Level Scuba Certification set by the Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC). Your course will consist of the topics and scuba skills required by the training organization and as outlined in this section. At a minimum, the following will be covered.

1.Equipment. Learn the physical description, operating principles, maintenance, and use of the following equipment items—face mask, fins, snorkel, BCD, exposure suit, weights and weight system, float and flag, cylinders, valves, regulators/air-delivery system, submersible pressure gauge, alternate air source, timing device, compass, depth gauge, dive table or dive computers, knife.

2.Physics of Diving. Learn the physical principles of matter and their application to diving activities and hazards.

3.Medical Problems Related to Diving. Learn the causes, symptoms, prevention, and first-aid and treatment of diving medical problems.

4.Decompression Theory and Use of Dive Tables and/or Dive Computers. Learn how to determine no-decompression limits for single and repetitive dives, plus how to use dive tables and/or dive computers to properly plan and execute a dive.

5.Dive Environment. Learn information on the local and general conditions of the diving environment and their possible effects on the diver.

6.General Topics. Learn information on dive planning, underwater and surface communications, diver assistance, recommended diving practices (including safety stops), procedures for diving from boats, proper use of personal diving logbook, and local dive regulations and protocols.

7.Pool/Confined Water Scuba Skills. Learn and practice the following scuba skills in a pool or confined water.

◦Diving system assembly and disassembly

◦Equipment inspection (at water’s edge)

◦Entries and exits

◦Proper weighting

◦Mouthpiece clearing—snorkel and regulator

◦Regulator/snorkel exchanges at the surface

◦Controlled descents and ascents

◦Underwater swimming

◦Mask-clearing, including removal and replacement

◦Underwater exercises—with and without mask

◦Buddy-system techniques

◦Underwater and surface buoyancy control

◦Underwater problem-solving (regulator recovery/retrieval, etc.)

◦Surface-snorkel swimming with full diving system

◦Surface operation of the quick release/emergency function of the weight system

◦Underwater removal and replacement of scuba system

◦Underwater removal and replacement of the weight/ballast system

◦Out-of-air emergency alternatives, including at least one dependent procedure and one independent procedure

◦Equipment care and maintenance (at water’s edge)

8.Open Water Scuba Skills. Perform the following scuba skills while diving in open water.

◦Equipment inspection (at water’s edge)

◦Entries and exits

◦Proper Weighting

◦Mouthpiece clearing—snorkel and regulator

◦Regulator/snorkel exchanges at the surface

◦Controlled descents and ascents

◦Underwater swimming


◦Buddy-system techniques

◦Underwater and surface buoyancy control

◦Diver assistance techniques (self/buddy)

◦Surface-snorkel swimming with full diving system

◦Removal and replacement of weight/ballast system

◦Removal and replacement of scuba system

◦Out-of-air emergency alternatives

◦Equipment care and maintenance (at water’s edge)

◦Underwater navigation

Notes for Requirement 4:

Scuba industry standards for Open Water Diver Certification require the student to be at least 15 years of age. Students under the minimum age who meet open water scuba performance requirements may qualify for a special certification that allows them to dive with an adult buddy who has, as a minimum, an open water scuba certification. Several of the scuba organizations recognized by the BSA offer “junior” open water certifications for those as young as 10; others have a minimum age of 12. Such junior open water diver certifications satisfy Scuba Diving merit badge requirement 4.

Scouts who have already earned an Open Water Diver Certification outside of a BSA activity from a scuba agency recognized by the Boy Scouts of America scuba policy may still earn the Scuba Diving merit badge by earning the Swimming merit badge and completing all other listed requirements.

Price: $350 (includes Elearning, Rental Gear, 5 Confined Water Dives and upto 5 Open Water Dives)


Weekend of Dive Report

Hey Guys and Gals,
Down Under Dive Shop was joined by Harry's Dive Shop for a day of adventure.

Seas were a little sloppy at 2' to 4' but the diving was amazing!
We started the day with a dive on the Pete's Tidewater Crew Boat.
Water Temp was 73 on the surface and 68 at 100'
Viz was 30' up top and 75' at depth.
Divers were surprised by the underwater Easter Egg Hunt on the wreck, how awesome was that?


After some fresh pineapple and a little offgasing we dropped in on the YDT 14.  Viz was even better there.

Divers were swarmed by Atlantic spadefish, amberjack, great barracuda, red snapper, and Divemaster Bryan
killed the first Lionfish spotted in this are of the Gulf by Down Under.
To learn more about this invasive species click here.

Congrats to Kaitlin on completing her Advanced Open Water Course, Woot Woot!

We are sure everyone could have lived with out the big rollers and the mooring breaking free from seas, but that's all part of the adventure of wreck diving.

Thanks to everyone that joined us today.

See you in the big blue, er emerald blue, I guess.
Well what ever see ya next time.
Happy Easter.
Click here for more info on our charters.


Weekend of Dive Report

Hello Divers,

 Thursday, divers aboard the Down Under enjoyed diving Atlantis Collums and the Wreck of the Southwind Barge. Seas were 2'-3' and viz was only 20' at its best and the water is warming up at 70 degrees. Everyone was happy to just get wet.

Check out the photos, by PADI's Southeast Regional Sales Rep, Jon Coon.



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