Down Under Dive Shop & Boy Scouts of America Diving Event

Saturday May 7th, 2011 join Down Under Dive Shop, PADI, and Vortex Springs as they host the Boy Scout Diving Event. The event starts at 10 am with orientation, dive briefings, and gearing up.

11:00 am Event 1: Scouts new to diving will experience scuba for the first time in shallow waters with our professional scuba instructors via Discover Scuba Diving.  Certified Scouts will take this time to do a quick scuba tune-up, to review skills.  Scouts participating in this event will earn credit for Confined water Dive 1 and Open Water Dive 1, for the Open Water Diver Course.

12:30 - 1:30pm LUNCH

2:00 pm Event 2: Search and Recovery workshop.  Certified Scouts will practice Search and Recovery techniques using underwater navigation and search lines to locate missing/lost objects. Non-certified Scouts will use snorkling techniques during this event.

3:00 pm Event 3: Introduction to Full Face Mask diving. Certified Scouts will experience using Ocean Reef's Neptune Space full face masks in shallow waters.

4:00 pm Event 4: Communication under water. Non-certified Scouts will learn to assist divers who are using full face masks to recover objects.

Contact Bryan Eslava to sign your Scouts up today.
251-979-8459   Cell

The cost of each event is $25.00 per Scout.