New U/W Digital Cameras are in stock. Hurry while supplies last.

New from Sea and Sea

The DX-2G

High-quality model with 12.1 effective megapixels that continues
the G concept of extensive yet subtle expression range.

From super macro to wide-angle photography.
Features a macro mode for close-up photography, allowing you to get as close as 1cm / 0.4inch to the subject at the wide-angle end or 4cm / 1.6inch at telephoto end. Even with a standard lens, you can achieve an angle of view of 24mm at the wide-angle end.

An evolution in beauty – SEA&SEA mode perfect for underwater photography.
Features SEA&SEA mode, a still image mode for optimal underwater photography. The color balance is automatically set so anyone can easily take pictures of beautiful deep blues. Capture the underwater world as vividly in your pictures as in your memories.

The DX-GE5

A waterproof camera, so no need to worry even if it gets wet.
The DX-GE5 camera is waterproof to 5m / 16ft without it's housing, making it versatile for all outdoor sports activities from water to snow. The DX-GE5 housing is rugged dependable allowing full functionality of the camera to 55m / 180ft.

Compatible with Wide-Angle Conversion Lens.
The optional Wide-Angle Conversion Lens for DX-860G can be attached/removed even underwater.
Use of the wide-angle conversion lens allows images to be taken at an even wider angle.

Light and compact for better portability.
The DX-GE5 housings was redesigned and improved for better ergonomics offering access to all controls and maximum convenience while underwater.

Available in both Pro( Strobe, Wide Angle Lens, and Pelican Case) and Sport Packages.

Add the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Course for $120 to get the most out of your camera system.


Weekend Dive Report

Hey guys and gals what awesome weekend of diving with Down Under Dive Shop.

Saturday we were joined by Jennifer Idol and her gang for some excellent dives on the USS Oriskany.

The Gulf smoothed out and we were in love with the nearly 50' viz on the tower.  Jennifer of took some amazing photos of our amazing wreck while the Trimix Cave team scootered through the hangar decks.
The Tec Divers reported nearly 100' viz beyond the deck.  Little to mild currents and coolest water temp was 64.
Mitch said the Mauve Stingers are back but didn't pose a problem.  Thats a great sign, showing the environment is making a comeback.

Sunday the Down Under and crew made way to Dive the Navy Tug and 450' Libertyship Allen.
The 90' Navy Tug was amazing sporting 50+ feet of viz and 64-66 temp with schools of fish everywhere.  Did I mention that Jennifer got to hop in and get photos of a pod of Atlantic Bottlenosed Dolphins. Nice!
The Allen had over 40' of viz. 
Divers reported huge flounder schools of red snapper and amberjack and Mitch found an awesome morray eel. 

Congratulations to Stephen Leach and Jessica Polk on completing your PADI Open Water Certification and to Nanette Cazayoux, Kate Cazayoux,  Mitch Oldenberg and Drew on completing their first dive today.

Go Team Down Under.

“Sheepshead Shootout”

“Sheepshead Shootout Rules April 1st -April 27th”

The Gulf Coast’s Annual Month long Sheepshead Only Spearfishing Tournament in memory of our friend Lance Eslava.

Rule and Regulations

1. Only Sheepshead will be weighed and scored / Excluding Flounder Jackpot

2. Fish may be taken from any body of water (obey all local laws)

3. All fish weighed must be taken by spear (No Power heads or Shark Darts)

4. Only one fish per contestant per day will be scored

5. Fish must be weighed at Down Under Dive Shop by a weigh master w/witness.

6. You must be signed up and paid for 24 hours prior to enter a fish

7. All contestants must show proof of AL fishing license and spearfishing license

8. Sign up during operation hours after 10:00 AM at Down Under Dive Shop

9. Categories will include SCUBA, Free Diving,  and Novice (less than a year experience)

There will be a First Place, Second Place, and Third Place Prize for each Category.

Award Ceremony (Shootout Cookout)

An award ceremony and cookout will be held at Down Under Dive Shop for all participants on Sun. April 27th The ceremony will be from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. Positions and prizes will be awarded and food and beverages will be served.

Tournament t-shirts will be given to every contestant.

Note: The State of Alabama Marine Resource Division requires all spearfishermen to hold both a saltwater fishing license and a spearfishing license. If any contestants choose to fish waters of another state they are responsible for obtaining and obeying those local laws.

Sheepshead Shoot Out Entry Form

(Please Print)


Home phone:___________________________

Cell phone: ____________________________

Home address:_________________________


Entry Fee $25.00 (Non Refundable) yes ____ 
Extra Shirt Fee $15.00 yes ____ 

Flounder Jackpot $10.00 yes ____ no ____

Gun type: _____________________________

Do you have a boat? yes ____ no ____

If yes name:____________________________

Certification Level Agency and #____________

What category? SCUBA___ FREEDIVER___ NOVICE___

What’s your email address: ________________ 

I agree to abide by the rules of the spear fishing contest.

Shirt Size: Small___ Medium___ Large____ XL___ XXL___

Signature: ____________________ Dated:_______


Kayak Rentals and Tours

Kayaking Gulf Shores, Alabama

Escape the beach crowds and come kayak the Alabama Gulf Coast. Paddle through a maze of marshlands and sandbars to gracefully glide just inches away from breathtaking wildlife. Enjoy a visual feast of yellow, orange and violet hues while the sun melts into the Gulf of Mexico. Kayak the waterways of Little Lagoon to enjoy gulf Shores as you never have before.

Little Lagoon is a 10 miles long and 1/2 mile wide on the north side of the Gulf of Mexico on the Alabama coast. It is separated from the Gulf by a 1/2 mile wide stretch of beach known in Gulf Shores as West Beach. Its brackish water is mix of overflow from the mostly fresh water Lake Shelby and salt water from the Gulf of Mexico that enters through the pass 3 miles west of Gulf Shores Parkway (St. Hwy. 59) under the Lee Callaway Bridge on West Beach Boulevard (St. Hwy. 182).

All of Down Under Dive Shop's Kayaks feature the very stable and beginner friendly sit-on-top design.

Ocean Kayak Rentals

3 hour Ocean Kayak Rental (includes PFD and Deluxe Paddles) $25 Per Kayaker
6 hour Ocean Kayak Rental (includes PFD and Deluxe Paddles) $50 Per Kayak

Guided Kayak Tours

3 hour tour Little Lagoon to Lake Shelby $50 Per Kayaker $10 per Additional Kayaker
Multi Day Delta Tour $150 Per Kayaker (2 ppl Min)

Kayak Fishing

3 hour Ocean Kayak Rental (includes PFD, Deluxe Paddles, Fishing Rod and Tackle) $40 Per Kayaker
6 hour Ocean Kayak Rental (includes PFD, Deluxe Paddles, Fishing Rod and Tackle) $80 Per Kayak

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