Weekend Dive Report

Hey guys and gals what awesome weekend of diving with Down Under Dive Shop.

Saturday we were joined by Jennifer Idol and her gang for some excellent dives on the USS Oriskany.

The Gulf smoothed out and we were in love with the nearly 50' viz on the tower.  Jennifer of took some amazing photos of our amazing wreck while the Trimix Cave team scootered through the hangar decks.
The Tec Divers reported nearly 100' viz beyond the deck.  Little to mild currents and coolest water temp was 64.
Mitch said the Mauve Stingers are back but didn't pose a problem.  Thats a great sign, showing the environment is making a comeback.

Sunday the Down Under and crew made way to Dive the Navy Tug and 450' Libertyship Allen.
The 90' Navy Tug was amazing sporting 50+ feet of viz and 64-66 temp with schools of fish everywhere.  Did I mention that Jennifer got to hop in and get photos of a pod of Atlantic Bottlenosed Dolphins. Nice!
The Allen had over 40' of viz. 
Divers reported huge flounder schools of red snapper and amberjack and Mitch found an awesome morray eel. 

Congratulations to Stephen Leach and Jessica Polk on completing your PADI Open Water Certification and to Nanette Cazayoux, Kate Cazayoux,  Mitch Oldenberg and Drew on completing their first dive today.

Go Team Down Under.