BP Oil Spill - Myths & Rumors

BP Oil Spill - Myths & Rumors
May 5, 2010 - Orange Beach, AL - As usual, the media, in their efforts to attract readers and viewers, are sensationalizing the tragic story about the BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Orange Beach Community Website is dedicated to dispelling the myths and rumors about the BP Oil Slick as they relate to our community.

Following is a list of rumors being reported in the media that simply are not true...
Oil is on the beach in Orange Beach - FALSE - Based on the latest satellite photos, the oil slick is about 50 miles south-southwest of Orange Beach. No oil has been found on any Alabama Beaches as of this writing.

There is an odor of oil in Orange Beach - FALSE - The only odors in Orange Beach are the fresh salt air and suntan lotion.

Oil covered birds are coming ashore in Orange Beach - FALSE - Rumor is that oil soaked birds are being found in Orange Beach. While we aren't sure about other areas along the Gulf of Mexico, we can say without debate, no oil stained birds have been found in Orange Beach.

Fishing along the Alabama Gulf Coast has been shut down - FALSE - NOAA has closed areas in the Gulf of Mexico to fishing; however, fishing offshore even in federal waters south of Orange Beach is still open and productive. All of the near shore and inshore fishing areas along the Alabama Gulf Coast are open.