New Dry Suits From Waterproof!

Waterproof's New Aquila and Draco Drysuits.

"Finally, a front zip, tri-lam, telescoping torso drysuit that is rouged enough to survive even the most demanding sidemount only cave dive an comfortable enough to wear on the most laid back recreational dive. The ability self don and double protected seals make this the drysuit for any serious diver."
-Mitch Craft PADI Staff Instr, Owner, Trimix Cave Diver
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"I have been in and out of drysuits since 1999 and one thing that I can tell you is that most drysuits aren't made for big dudes. I finally gave up and went semi-dry brrr. The neoprene suits just fit better. I have been happy with my semi-dry until I found the Draco. Because the Draco is a crushed neoprene suit it fits better than my semi-dry and it's Fully Dry. I am really digging these suits."
-Bryan Eslava Master Instr. Drysuit Instr. Cave Tec/Diver
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