May News Letter

Kid's Dive Camps

PADI Seal Team scuba camp starts in only 3 weeks. Spots are filling up. We can't wait to teach and inspire a whole new group of young people our love for diving. Remember to sign up no later than Sunday (if spots are available) prior to camp beginning on Tues.

Lionfish Removal

The GCLC is partnering with FWC, Guy Harvey Magazine, and many others to host a Lionfish tournament and festival in Downtown Pensacola.
The tournament will take place during the Festival and runs May 15-16, 2015 with the raffle category starting March 1st, 2015. The festival will be held at Plaza de Luna at the end of Palafox St and runs May 16-17, 2015. The Lionfish weigh in will be Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.
The tournament captains meeting will be held at the Oar House on Thursday May 14th at 6:00pm. 1000 S Pace Blvd. - Pensacola, FL.
The festival will feature Lionfish tasting, filet demonstrations, raffles and prizes, family activities and over 40 vendors.
FWC will be showing off their new reef ranger program and there will be lots of sponsor displays. Check out the action and register to win big for bringing in Lionfish. For more tournament and registration information visit our website at
You won't want to miss this event.


This computer is all about you. With easy-to-use features, it's the world's first wristwatch-style "smart" personal dive computer with Human Factor Diving.TM
Every dive, and every diver, is unique. That's why a "personal" dive computer needs to be just that -- personal. Not a one-size-fits-all instrument that delivers the same basic computations regardless of whether it's being used by a 25-year-old dive instructor or a 55-year-old novice diver carrying a couple extra pounds around the waist.

Photo by Austin Powell

Freediving Lessons

Harry Houdini could hold his breath for more than three minutes – what about you? Freediving allows adventurers to experience a new underwater world without the bulky scuba equipment. Only the air in your lungs and the fire in your belly keep you going. 
“Living right on the coast, if you’re not on the water or in it, you’re missing out,” says Michael Sumlin, a freediving instructor with Down Under Dive Shop.
Because of the fluidity and freedom without breathing gear, many spearfishers and sightseers prefer freediving. And according to Sumlin, it’s not as intimidating as you might expect. 
“On average, I have people holding their breath for two and a half minutes on the first day. It’s easier than you think once you learn the technique,” he explains. 
Down Under Dive Shop offers events for both beginner and experienced divers.
Call Michael @ 251-609-5266

Poseidon's Playground

First DUDES trip to Poseidons Playground last Sunday! What an amazing experience to see my babies (Lila's dive students) dive the project that they helped inspire! Several of them actually got to see their names on plaques that they can show their future children, friends, etc! We continue to want to add more structures on this ever evolving project and would love your support! Stay tuned for how you can take part with Down Under matching part of the funds!!! ----PADI Master Scuba Instructor Lila Harris

KOAH SPEARGUNS in the house!!! 

Picture They're baaaaaack. Come get your KOAH Gun.  Expected Memorial Day Weekend.  

2015-2016 Group Travel Schedule

Where’s Your Next Scuba Diving Trip?
Every month we will feature a new destination to help you learn about the world’s best places to scuba dive.

Whether you’re dreaming of pristine coral reefs, mysterious wrecks or the best critters for underwater photography, you’ll find the perfect dive trip to quench your desires.

Need help narrowing your options? Check with our travel agents to see what upcoming travel packages are planned or browse the archives of great scuba diving destinations for more information.


September 2015 Key Largo

October 2015 Sea of Cortez La Paz Freediving/Spearfishing/Surf Trip

November 14-21 2015  Roatan Honduras

2016 Schedule

February 2nd Weekend Saturday and Sunday  Florida Manatee Trip

February Third Week Key Largo

March 2nd Weekend Saturday and Sunday  Florida Manatee Trip

April 3rd 2016 Turks and Caicos Live Aboard Trip

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