Black Friday clearance sale is here!

It's that time of year.  Down Under's Black Friday clearance sale is here!
Make your holiday shopping list for that diver in your life and get ready!  Are these deals good? No, these deals are great.

With Down Under's Black Friday sale, you will save on every item including accessories,air tanks, BCDs, Dive Computers, Regulators, Wetsuits, Dry Suits, Fins, Cameras and much more.Check out all the Black Friday deals below.

You can find something (and a great deal) for the diver (or yourself) on your list. This year's Black Friday Sale is going to big so get here early before someone snatches up that piece of gear that you've had your eye on.  Remember these deals are for this Friday only 8:00 AM while supplies last.

All Wet Suits  15% to 25% Off! Used wet suits starting at $50

 All Bags and Travel Gear 15% to 25% Off!

 All Fins 25%-*50% Off!*Huge Savings when added to a package!

SMS 100 $600.  Save $160!!!
BCDs  10%-15% Off!*Huge Savings when added to a package!
REGs  10%-15% Off!
*Huge Savings when added to a package!
Computers s  10%-15% Off!
*Huge Savings when added to a package!

Masks  15% to 50% Off!*Huge Savings when added to a package!

Big Blue Lights  15% to 25% Off!

All Knives 15% to 25% Off!
DX GE5 50% Off!*Get a certificate for a Digital Underwater Photo Course, a $205 value!
All Sealife 15%-20% Off!
*Get a certificate for a Digital Underwater Photo Course, a $205 value!

DX 2G 50% Off!
*Get a certificate for a Digital Underwater Photo Course, a $205 value!

Ghost, Mask, Fins, and Snorkel Combo $199.25
(Same as getting mask and snorkel Free!!)

15% Off!*Get a certificate for a Full face Mask Diver Course, a $205 value!
25% Off

25% Off on Cammo Suits
15%-25% Off!

Pelican Boxes15%-25% Off!

All spearfishing equipment 15% to 25% Off!

Free Heart rate monitor with purchase of Meridian.

Extra 10% off on all instock Gopro Cameras!
25% off of all Gopro and after market accessories!!! 

Free *Specialty with the purchase of Open Water, Advanced Diver, Rescue Diver or DM
Carib Dancer, Bahamas:  
March 22-29 of 2014.  Deluxe spaces are selling for $2095.00 per person, double occupancy.  Quad spaces are selling for $1895.00 per person.  50% per person deposit required at booking, balance due 100 days prior to the charter.
All undergarments 15% to 25% Off!
Lavacore buy Top and Bottom and get free hood or gloves.

All apparel (Hats, Shirt, Shoes, Sunglasses) 25% Off




The new CHROMIS wrist computer is ready for your next adventure, in or out of the water. Reaching a new level of clarity, the large display and Katana-sharp characters are proven to be exceptionally readable under water. And wherever the journey leads, you’ll have a host of tools at your fingertips, including a full-featured dive computer, apnea, gauge, timepiece, and patented stroke counter.
New Chromis Ad now out- See it in Dive Training and DAN Alert Diver

Mens Short Sleeve Shirt

Lavacore Men's and Women's Short Sleeve Shirt

An all around multi-sport thermal garment offering protection against wind chill and surface splash coupled with the ultimate flexibility of movement that is required in the more extreme watersports.

Price From: $109.95

iPhone 5 case, hardcore iPhone 5 case, indestructible iPhone 5 case
For more than 40 years our company has produced the toughest and most dependable cases for military, law enforcement and firefighter professionals. We are extremely pleased to launch a range of mobile electronics cases with the same kind of protection for consumers,” said Lyndon Faulkner, President and CEO of Pelican. “The Pelican ProGear Vault and Pelican ProGear Protector series provides your iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy with exceptional protection and clear audio performance, while still allowing for use of the phone.”
Pelican ProGear Vault Series Phone Case $75


NEW JBL Reel, Gun and Gear Bags in stock!!!


Streamlined, low profile, horizotal line reel.  Glass nylon reinforced construction with metal inserts for added durability and strength.  Adjustable drag knob allows for easy control of line release reate.  Attaches to standard rail mounts or provided adapter for all JBL metal and wood spearguns.  Please select corresponding speargun material.


Traveling with spearguns just became a lot easier. The same former Oakley design team that developed our other dive luggage created this marvel and it shows. An internal slot allows for 1” PVC tube to fit securely to hold your shafts and act as an extra level of defense against the airport monkeys. Expandable end pocket allows for an additional 12” of length, and the waterproof interior prevents molding. Double gun sleeves each with tie down straps keep guns snug and our oversized carrying strap distributes weight evenly allowing easy movement in small spaces, critical at airports. Bag measures 60x12x9". Or 72x12x9" with the optional extension. $128

This backpack’s killer looks and smart functionality are a result of its creation by former Oakley designers. Butterfly pockets hold mask, gloves and other gear while acting as a cinch strap for binding spear gun and fins secure to the body, keeping the perfect balanced center of gravity. Constructed of rugged Cordura with a tarpaulin grommeted bottom, it’s bombproof, displaces water and is fully breathable. There’s an inner sleeve for hydration pouch, IPod pocket and polymer carrying handle. Foam molded back piece and ergonomically enhanced shoulder straps provide unbelievable comfort and weight displacement. It’s a diving partner you can’t do 
without. $88

The best looking bag at the airport. But don’t let its looks fool you; this bag is all about function. Tarpaulin zipper stash compartment on the bottom protects long or short blade fins, floats and anything else you can fit in there, grommets allow for breathability. The top compartment is large enough for all your dive gear and then some. Side pockets are deep and angled for maximum capacity. Over-sized side web straps with buckles allow you to secure fins or spearguns externally. Constructed of heavy cordura with bottom glide rails, and roller wheels fully loaded the bag tows like its empty. Use it on one trip and you will never want to go home. Bag measures 43x16x14. $160


Hollis Black Friday Sale


Forget the drysuits you have known and discover how comfortable drysuit diving can really be. Constructed with patented WearForce® material, the BioDry Drysuit is like no other suit on the market. Strength and 4 way stretch with a complete range of motion allows for a more streamlined fit. Say goodbye to bunching and rigid material. Never before has a drysuit been more comfortable.

SMS 100 Sidemount Small/Medium

Our SMS100 Sidemount system was designed not just with the sidemount cave divers in mind, but any diver. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or technical diver, this kit was designed for you. Suitable for sidemounting twin or single cylinders, but also for use with rebreathers or rear mounted singles. This "go anywhere" system can be used in any environment from open water to the overhead environment. Ready to dive out of the box.
  • Full visibility over your system
  • Reduces additional gear: Doubles bands / Hardware / Manifold - Benefit when traveling
  • Aids in transporting gear to and from the beach or boat - one tank at a time
  • Streamlines profile which in turn reduces drag increasing your bottom time

    BLACK FRIDAY Retail: