Bonaire Trip

Everything about Bonaire has surpassed expectations.
We started out with a nice tour of the island on the way to our resort.
We did a not so quick orientation and hit the water as soon as we could.

The second day we did our first boat dives on they Bayena to the small island and encountered sea turtles, angles, barracuda, peacock flounder, snake eels, and morays.

The night dives were even better as huge tarpon hung with us and hunted in our lights.
Angie and Lila got up close and personal with an eagle ray.  Lucky.

We loaded up in our trucks and hit the shore for some quite adventuresome beach dives that hosted double reefs and creatures galore.

The nights were filled with camaraderie and friendship over awesome meals.

With unlimited and easy diving I recommend this trip to everyone.