Black Friday clearance sale is here!

It's that time of year.  Down Under's Black Friday clearance sale is here! 
Make your holiday shopping list for that diver in your life and get ready!  Are these deals good? No, these deals are great. 

With Down Under's Black Friday sale, you will save on every item including accessories,air tanks, BCDs, Dive Computers, Regulators, Wetsuits, Dry Suits, Fins, Cameras and much more.Check out all the Black Friday deals below.

You can find something (and a great deal) for the diver (or yourself) on your list. This year's Black Friday Sale is going to big so get here early before someone snatches up that piece of gear that you've had your eye on.  Remember these deals are for this Friday only 10:00 AM while supplies last.

All Wet Suits  15% to 25% Off!

 All Bags and Travel Gear 15% to 25% Off!

 All Fins 25%-*50% Off!*Huge Savings when added to a package!

BCDs  10%-15% Off!*Huge Savings when added to a package!
REGs  10%-15% Off!
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Computers s  10%-15% Off!
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Masks  15% to 50% Off!*Huge Savings when added to a package!

Big Blue Lights  15% to 25% Off!

All Knives 15% to 25% Off!
DX GE5 15% Off!*Get a certificate for a Digital Underwater Photo Course, a $205 value!
All Sealife 15%-20% Off!
*Get a certificate for a Digital Underwater Photo Course, a $205 value!

DX 2G 15% Off!
*Get a certificate for a Digital Underwater Photo Course, a $205 value!

Ghost, Mask, Fins, and Snorkel Combo $199.25
(Same as getting mask and snorkel Free!!)

15% Off!*Get a certificate for a Full face Mask Diver Course, a $205 value!
25% Off

25% Off on Cammo Suits
15%-25% Off!

Pelican Boxes15%-25% Off!

All spearfishing equipment 15% to 25% Off!

All undergarments 15% to 25% Off!
Free Heart rate monitor with purchase of Meridian.

$100 off on all Gopro Cameras!
15% to 25% off of all Gopro and after market accessories!!! 

$100 off early sign up on Bonaire! ($500 Deposit)

Free *Specialty with the purchase of Open Water, Advanced Diver, Rescue Diver or DM
Dry Suits  15% to 25% Off!
*Get a certificate for a Full face Mask Diver Course, a $205 value!


Indonesia March 10-17 2014

Welcome to Wakatobi Dive Resort, a remote and exclusive resort located in an Indonesian
archipelago blessed with the planet’s most pristine and prolific tropical reefs. Immerse yourself in a
symphony of marine life among healthy, colorful coral seascapes and an incredible array of creatures of
all shapes and sizes. It’s all here, in one place...called Wakatobi. Be our guest in a resort built by divers
for divers who are able to appreciate what Jacques Cousteau called “probably the finest diving site in the
world” – a view since echoed by the testimonials of hundreds of divers from all over the world.

The Adventure Begins Only A Few Steps From The Resort’s White Powder Beach
where a lush drop-off stretches along several distinct dive sites. Lionfish, clownfish, rays, batfish, crocodile
fish, jawfish, ghost pipefish, waspfish, schooling jacks, turtles, mandarin fish, leaf fish and several species
of pygmy seahorse inhabit a reef resplendently abloom with life. Just around the corner you can even see
mating mandaring fish from time to time. Brilliant soft corals, oversized gorgonians, vibrant sponges and
delicate tunicates in every hue create an intricately woven tapestry of color and texture. At night, the
resort’s famous House Reef (page 9 ), one of the world’s best shore dives, explodes in a flurry of activity.

Unparalleled Freedom To Dive, Snorkel And Explore. With such amazing reef life just
fin-kicks away, and total freedom to dive day and night, some guests choose to profoundly explore the four
mile long House Reef. Wakatobi also boasts a three-to-one staff to guest ratio, and our attentive staff are at
your beck and call to assist with your every need. Whether it’s about making your diving effortless; or your
rest, recreation, and fun more pleasant, they are there for you. At our resort, you’ll have exclusive access to
more than four dozen dive and snorkel sites in the pristine waters surrounding the island. If you’re a serious
diver, this is your place. Even if all you want to do is snorkel and enjoy the island, this is still your paradise.

Experience a unique mix of luxury, personalized service and remoteness. Built and managed by an
international group of dive professionals, and founded on the principles of sound, sustainable eco-tourism,
Wakatobi is a multiple award-winning resort that offers guests all the creature comforts of the modern world
in a secluded, unspoiled setting. This intimate, comfortable and finely tuned retreat accommodates only a
few dozen guests in a mix of seaside bungalows and villas, all of which are cooled by ocean breezes, fans
and air-conditioning. Serving as a base for your natural explorations our well-equipped and meticulously
managed dive center offers the whole range from snorkeling to Nitrox and advanced technical diving.

Savor The Warm Hospitality Of Wakatobi Dive Resort. From its stunning natural assets
– wide ocean views, soothing sunsets and brilliant, star-studded skies – to its generous facilities and
attentive staff, it’s easy to see why Wakatobi has achieved premier status among well-traveled divers. From
the moment you arrive in Bali to rendezvous with our private air charter you will be greeted by one of our
representatives and enjoy the most comprehensive service and care possible. We will make you feel truly
welcome, and every member of our team will endeavor to make your private flight to, and stay on our island,
effortless and carefree. It’s a one-of-a-kind vacation experience you’ll cherish long after you’ve returned

For more info download the brochure here: Online Brochure
Click here for image slide shows: Online Galleries

Beach Bungalow $2950 per diver/double occupancy
Return air transfers between Denpasar and Wakatobi $675

Single travelers If you are traveling alone and do not mind sharing a room, we will attempt to find a roommate for you. You may also be fortunate enough that no one else books into your room and you then get it for yourself. All efforts will be made to allocate separate accommodations or have you share a room with the same gender. If you wish to guarantee that you will not share a room, an additional 75% single supplement charge will apply.

Payment plan available:

$500 non refundable deposit due upon booking.

Includes:  7 nights accommodations, daily meal plan, 6 days of unlimited diving, use of tanks, weights and belt, hotel taxes and service charges.

Add on Unlimited Nitrox $200

Also included Digital Underwater Photography Training at no additional cost.

Ask about the 5 for 5 special  (5 PADI specialties for $500 available only on travel)

Photo pro Lila Harris will also be on hand to offer a Photo Album at the end of the trip for those interested.

***Flights not included***

Click here for flight schedule and travel info. Getting to Wakatobi by Air