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Howdy gang,
If you've were in the Gulf this past week then you know what I'm about to say is true.
Viz was awesome!
We had some of the best conditions ever out on the carrier.  100' plus viz.  The YDTs and Petes Tide were equally putting on a show.  How about those big Sandbar Sharks.  Sweet!
This weekend we saw lots of tropicals  and an octopus or two on Nu' Barge.
Navy Tug put on a show with tons of fish and even a  bull shark at the end of the dive.

We topped off the week with a triple dip at Three Mile Barge.  Most of the crew claims to have never witnessed viz like that before on the old barge.
We hosted a Fish Id clinic where the winner, Open Water Student, Lance Olsen won a pair of Polarized Ocean Reef Sunglasses for Identifying the most fish correctly.  He should probably keep it a secret that he is a marine biologist.

First Open Water Dives:
Lance Olsen, Will Johnson, Michael Perkinson, Phillip Garder, Frank Selesky, Luke Caden, Jena Rush, and Bruce Burge.  Yaaaay!

Advanced Open Water: Garret Johnson

PADI Deep Diver:  Jessica Polk

PADI Sidemount Divers: Stephen Wilde and Joe Velie.

How about a round of applause for all of Down Under's newly certified divers.

Diver! Diver! Are you ok?
IDC Staff Instructor and Public Safety Diver Instructor Jim Mahan will be leading the PADI Rescue Diver course October 6th and 7th.  You will practice life saving techniques and develop habits that will transform you from a watcher to a watchdog.  
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Dive Travel!!!
Bahmas Sail and Dive Adventure October October 20th-26th

Contact Jim @ or call 251-968-3483 (DIVE) to sign up.  Full Payment required upon booking.  Flight not included.