New Wetsuits in stok today!

Everflex C-Zip

This new Everflex 5mm front zip suit is a revolution in dive suits. It feels like wearing a second skin!

•Already incorporated in surf suits, the chest zipper feature results in numerous benefits.

•The extreme elasticity of the Everflex material associated with a the unique pattern make it no problem to put on and take off and offers an unequalled comfort. And with a smaller zipper, water entry is limited for better thermal protection even in temperate waters. The seamless under arm panels let your arms move more freely.

•Small zippered pocket integrated on the left calf.

•Available in 5mm.


1mm Rash Gaurd

1mm long sleeve rash guard made completely in Everflex neoprene for stretch comfort. Heliospan front/back torso lining to keep you warmest where most needed. Convenient loop to attach our Hybrid shorts to eliminate 'ride-up' while diving