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Sidemount Diving Video Featuring us, Yay!
Jill Heinerth and Sidemount Instructor Beth Schrader

Down Under Dive Shop joined forces with some of the powers that be of sidemount diving in early February.
We had the pleasure of hosting Jill Heinerth (Film Maker, Explorer, and Guest Speaker), Jeff Lofflin (Former Chaiman of NSS CDS, PADI Course Director, and head of Sidemount Training for PADI) and Nick Hollis (President at Hollis Gear) for the filming of the official Recreational Sidemount Diving Instructional video, featuring the latest gear and techniques for diving this configuration in Open Water.
The weekend started out with the filming of equipment setup and knowledge development at Down Under's facilities.

Jeff teaching confined sessions at PADI HQ

The next day continued on with the confined water training sessions where Jeff demonstrated how to dive through restrictions by no mounting and launching through the kiddie water slide, haha.
Day three the team set out on the Down Under Dive Boat to Demo Open Water entries and exits.  They also enjoyed a great dive on one of our local wrecks, showcasing the advantages of the streamlined configuration of Recreational Sidemount Diving.

Action! Nick, Jill, and Jeff.
Keep your eyes here for the upcoming release of the DVD featuring some of your friends from the Down Under Team.

If you are interested in learning more about sidemount diving contact Mitch, Bryan, or Beth about trying it out with either the intro to sidemount or take the specialty course offered here at Down Under Dive Shop.

Nick Hollis Demos Entries and Exits

Congratulations to our Students on completing the following courses.
Pat Demarias, Milfred E. Howard and Julie A. Rubio on obtaining the PADI Open Water Diver and Nitrox Certs.
Randy S. Kliewer, Igor and April Subert on completing the Sidemount Diver Specialty Course.
PADI CD Lana Taylor

PADI Course Director  Lana L. Taylor on obtaining the highly sought after rank of Sidemount Instructor Trainer.

New Down Under Stuff
Down Under Dive Shop Team Patches are here!
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ELF Lionfish Eradicator 

A Better Way To Eliminate Lionfish From Our Delicate Reefs

Stop the Invasion- control lionfish
"I believe a fundamental principle of conservation and restoration ecology is to not damage the ecosystem one is trying to protect or restore.  Thus, one must be very careful to not damage coral reefs while culling invasive lionfish."DR. MARK HIXON

ELF Spear $49.95

Lionfish Tournament April 27th

New Lionfish Training

To learn more about the importance and safe techniques of eradicating this invasive species.
Attend the Free Lionfish Eradication Workshop at Down Under Dive Shop April 13th 6:00pm. Divers can also count the workshop toward obtaining the Lionfish Hunter or Lionfish Tracker Specialty Course. 
The one-day program aims to educate divers about the invasive predator with essential lionfish facts and their invasion of Caribbean, north-western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. The course explains why immediate action is essential to control the population and describes a practical way to safely and humanely capture and euthanize the fish. Two dives are included in the course for practical application of the knowledge and upon completion, students will be issued a new PADI c-card in addition to a local culling license.