News from Down Under

Well Divers it's been a pretty awesome week of diving.

Some of the best news is that our beloved Whiskey Wreck is now slightly more uncovered, thanks to Tropical Storm Lee, with depths ranging from 13' t0 15' instead of 9'.

Perdido Pass Jetties weathered the storm a little worse with a large amount of topsoil (from the the flooding)  has dropped viz to a less than favourable 1' to 5' on  most days.  We expect this to clear up over the next few weeks.

Here are some reports from The Dive Boat this past week.

USS Allen: No current, viz: 5 to 10 ft.
Navy Tug: 80 ft viz, JT killed 3 Lionfish, Huge baitball, awesome, 2-3 ft seas.

New Barge': seas 1-2, minimal current, sunny skies, H2O 80°, 60 ft viz, Divemaster JT found a huge octopus and 1 unlucky Lionfish, covered in Black Snapper, Butterfly fish, and Pufferfish.

Navy Dive Tender 14, 40 ft viz.
JT killed 10 lionfish. Divers saw Octopus, huge spiny lobster, a Goliath grouper tons of snapper and more.

Spearfishermen from all over the state are currently competing in the month long Pleasure Island Spearfishing Classic.
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Shou Outs

Congratulations to one of our newest Openwater Divers, Debbi Liptrot. Great job!

Congratulations to Down Under's Newest Divers - Brian Booker, Mario Narjes, and Robert Kirby all received their Open Water certs today. They brought along John Serta for a DLD just in case they needed someone to feed to the sharks.........

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Lets go to PALAU!

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