Dive Report and News

Hello Divers,
It's time for an update on what's been going on at Down Under Dive Shop.

Dive Report:

The last few weeks has offered up some amazing dive adventures.
The USS Oriskany has been rocking out 100' plus viz almost every day that we've been out.

Photo by Jon Coon
Our new favorite site Pete's Patch, has been producing rare encounters from Lila's Oscillated Frogfish to giant blue Nudibranchs.

Photo by Lila Harris
Phot by Lila Harris

Divers also spotted huge loggerhead sea turtles on the Libertyship Allen.

Viz has been hit or miss on Rome and always 50'-100' on the wreck of the Navy Tug.

If you missed the Blue Angels Air Show BBQ/Dive Boat Extravaganza be sure to sign up early for the next one. Nov. 12 Includes 2 Dives, BBQ, and Drinks, Non Divers are Welcome.  $165 pp.
For more info on our famous fighter pilots go here :

Snorkelers aboard our sistership the Dolphin Down Under were blown away by an encounter of a life time this past week.
Instructor and Snorkel Guide Eric Waller was all smiles when he said "Out of the blue a big ole' manatee just swims up behind me and gave me snuggle."  How awesome.

Overall viz and seas have been great so far this summer:  Avg Viz 35'-100', seas have been mild except around thunders storms.
Water temps have been a bit cooler (Good for viz and weather) ranging from 80+ to 69+ degrees.

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Dive Vacations:

August 27- September 3 Bahamas Sail and Dive

October 24-29 Key Largo

March 18-25 Palau Live Aboard

(Space is limitted,  contact Bryan Eslava to sign up today!)

Dive Courses:

Nitrox Online $195 includes 2 Nitrox Rentals (2hrs of your life for maximum bottom time)

Sidemount Diver $200 ($400 with with Sidemount Rental)

Photo by Jon Coon

Sidemount diving enables a unique way of buoyancy control resulting in a more streamlined profile that reduces drag making finning and moving through the water easier and more efficient. Offers a greater comfort level as sidemount equipment and harness can be custom fit to each individual, accommodating divers of all shapes and sizes. Great for divers with any disabilities, as you carry the cylinder(s) separate from your harness to the water. Whilst within the water you would then attach your cylinders and weights, making the entries and exits to dive sites much easier. Safer option in terms of air management as you have an easier access to your cylinder valve(s), first stage(s) and alternate regulator should a problem arise. One harness and BCD does it all. This statement is now true as the same sidemount equipment you use, can be used for more advanced types of diving i.e wreck, technical and cave diving."

Sample Schedule

Day 1 Sidemount Equipment Orientation, Confined Water Dives

Day 2 Openwater Dives 1-3

Ocean Reef Full Face Mask Diver