Weekend Dive Report

Weekend Dive Report
Pick Up Stix Viz 40'-50' Temp 72 Current Mild
This new artificial reef structure forms a half moon semi-circle around the Western Edge of the Three Barges.
The sight was loaded with Grunts, Gag Grouper, huge bait balls, and Spanish Mackerel.

3 Coal Barges Viz 40'-50' Temp 72 Current Mild
The three barges were loaded with tropicals as always.
We enjoyed seeing puffers, Toadfish, butterflies, huge Glass and Fire Anemones.
Divers enjoyed navagating the barges using reels and lines to go from barge to barge.
How about the hardcore Ausie freediver that paddled his kayak over 4 miles out to freedive the site.

Navy Tug: Viz 60' Temp 70 Current None
The 90' Navy Tug was teaming with marine life. Huge great barracuda, amber jacks, snapper, blennies, and Bryan showed some of the divers a rare shovel nosed lobster.

151 Push Tug: Viz 30' Temp 70 Current Very Mild
The little tug wasn't at her best that day.  The site normally sports better viz than others and resident sharks always make the dive exciting.  Divers enjoyed the big Leopard Spotted Toads and Angelfish.  How about those door matt Gulf Flounders Whoohoo!

The USS Wallace: Viz 30' Temp 72 Current Mild
With the much needed rain moving in and overcast clouds viz wasn't its best today.
The Wallace was our best choice to get any viz over 5'.

Southwind Barge:
See above.