Dive Report

Today was a great day on the Gulf.
The Crew of the Down Under made way to Atlantis this morning.  Seas started off at 3' then died down to nothing.
We weren't very impressed with the surface viz, but we were stunned to see nearly 50' of viz past 15'.  Water Temp was nearly 80 up top and 73 on bottom.
There were snapper everywhere.  Bryan and team also found that huge conger eel again.  That thing is cool.

After an hour and twenty minute surface interval (who dives tables anyway?) I kid, I kid :)

We sought out our long lost old faithful site, Pillars and Flats.
The fallen over columns were just as cool as I remember them.  Viz was 30' and coolest temp was 72.
We saw loads of blue angels and leopard spotted toads.  It rocked.

Wreck diving Saturday and Sunday don't miss out.  NOAA says its supposed to be flat.

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