Weekend Dive Report

G'day Divers,

The day started off on a low as Sea Reaper returned from an offshore fishing trip with word of big seas.
We decided since everyone was up and loaded we would poke our heads out at the farewell buoy and see what was up.
As the mourning drew on the winds died down and it turned out to be pretty flat, yeehaw, the dive was on.
With no waves bigger than 2' within 10 miles the Down Under made its way to the USS Allen Liberty Ship.
We tied in and the Advanced Open Water Students with Gary from Dive Pros and Bryan's Wreck Instructor Candidates had a blast exploring the 450' WWII vet.  Amber jack and cow fish were everywhere.  Viz was about 40' and water temp was 73.

After a surface interval JT carved up some Down Under style pineapple we headed to Atlantis North Peice.
Divers navigated back and forth between the structures and encountered flounder, blue angels, and spotted toads.  Viz and temp were the same.  A beastly current whipped up as the winds changed and the Intro to tec Divers learned the necessity of a Diver SMB.  You can see those tings mile away.  All in all another great week of diving.