Meet the Crew of the Down Under

The Vessel:  The Down Under

The “DOWN UNDER” is a 46’ Newton Dive Special. This custom dive boat has every amenity a diver needs, and then some. Powered by twin 375 hp turbo diesel engines, speed is not a problem. This dive boat can truly make your diving more enjoyable, with two large dive ladders, plenty of gear stowage, upper deck seating, fresh water showers, waterline platform, two camera tables, roomy dive deck, and 72 tank racks.

Captain:  Bert Valle (Aka: The Crazy Cuban)

Captain Bert has been a part of the Down Under Team since the early 90s.
His background with diving spans nearly 30 years he has trained hundreds of divers along the gulf coast and has owned two dive centers.  Bert is an avid travel guide and is an experienced dive boat Captain.  If you've missed him the past few years, it's because he left Down Under for a time to take over as Head Captain for the Belize Dancer, a 135' live aboard yacht.  I can only think of a handful of local captain's with that kind of experience.

Divemaster/Mate: Jason "JT" Thomas

JT started diving with Down Under Dive Shop nearly ten years ago.  JT is a very experienced Gulf Diver with over 200 logged Gulf Dives.  JT is also an Emergency Medical Responder as his background as a Firefighter would require.

Divemaster/Deckhand: Eric Waller

Eric is new to diving but it is rare to find someone so dedicated.  In this year alone he logged nearly 100 dives and obtained the Master Diver Certification and the PADI Divemaster rating.  Eric is also an Emergency Medical Responder as he worked as very well known EMT in his previous life.  Eric is in culinary school training to be a master chef and currently enrolled in Down Under's IDC.  His dream is to crew a dive luxury yacht as dive team or chef.

Instructor: Marcie May

Marcie is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Full Cave Diver, Cavern Instructor, boat captain and best of all a massage therapist. She loves spearfishing and training divers. During the summer this is pretty much all she does. During the winter she and her husband, Steve, enjoy dive travel to exotic locations such as Belize and Honduras.

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