Down Under Dive Shop wins the Army Ranger Award of Excellence

Wow how many dive shops can say that?
We can say we have participated in allot of pretty cool events over the last fifteen years but this by far ranks amongst the best.

Allot of Rangers and allot of gear.

Combat Diver

It all started on a foggy Tuesday morning when Divers from The United States Army 4th and 6th Ranger Training Battalions were granted permission to board the Down Under.  The Down Under made its way to the world's largest wreck, the USS Oriskany.  The combat divers geared up in their doubles and were guided by the crew rigged in sidemount gear lead the deep mission.  The current was defiantly a force to be reckoned with but dive teams were stoked about the 100'+ viz.  The underwater comm systems were amazing and worked like a champ.  We could here topside clear as a bell 100+ metres away.  I could get used to that.  Once the mission objectives were complete we fired up the grill. 

These guys do it right
The Down Under, with all divers accounted for, pulled the mooring system and headed for shallow waters.

With the Southwind Barge being our shallowest Reef, the combat divers found themselves the perfect opp for working on navigation skills.  How some of those guys made it back to the up line, I will never know.  (I guess that's just what Rangers do)

On Wednesday the Team loaded the boat and cast off bright and early.  Our first objective was the wreck, Navy Tug 101.  Once we punched through the murk layer and viz was 100' at the bottom.  Bryan "found" some members of team 1 and 2 a nice little 5' bull shark to play with.
Dive Supervisors Planning the Dives

With missions complete we relocated to Atlantis Bridge Rubble.
Viz was iffy but the dive was a blast. The crew ran guidelines for the combat divers so they could explore both structures. One team got the chance to dive with a really big 200 lbs loggerhead sea turtle.

Rescue Scenario

The coolest thing, was watching the dive medics in action during the injured diver scenario. Those guys have awesome equipment and really know their stuff.

All in all it was the most awesome experience.  The crew of the Down Under is very proud to have been part of it and we are for ever grateful to you for your service to our country.

Down Under is presented the Certificate of Appreciation and Awards of Excellence

The crew of the Down Under and the men of the 4th and 6th RTB

"Rangers lead the way!"