Top Ten Things to do at Down Under Dive Shop this Year

1. Pick a Wreck any Wreck

With over 50 wrecks ranging from WWII Liberty Ships, Naval Tugs, to even an aircraft carrier, all diveable from our Alabama Gulf Coast it’s a good idea to check out our two day PADI Wreck Diver Course and let one of our professional wreck divers take you on a guided tour on any four of these pieces of history.

2. Get know a Manatee

Join our National Geographic Instructors and Photographers this February for a family fun trip to snorkel or dive with Florida’s wild Manatees.

3. Go Spelunking

Did you know that this area is home to one of the largest Underwater Cave Systems in the world? Join one of Down Under Dive Shop’s National Speological Society Cave Diving Section Trained Cavern Instructors take you on an “In-depth” tour of one of our amazing Caverns in an Intro to Cave or Cavern Diver Course

4. Dive The USS Oriskany

Oriskany was the first United States warship slated to become an artificial reef, under authority granted by the fiscal 2004 National Defense Authorization Act (Public Law 108-136). Oriskany was towed to Pensacola in December 2004 and was originally scheduled to be sunk with controlled charges 24 mi (39 km) south of Pensacola by June 2005.

5. Have an affair with a model

Get up close and personal with your favorite model a Damselfish or a friendly Spadefish and improve your Underwater Photography with one of our Photopros. No camera? No problem try out one of the Sea and Sea cameras in the Rental Program.

6. Take a Kayak TourJoin Lance our local Kayak guide on a fun filled marsh tour of the Alabama Gulf Coast back bays and river deltas. Keep your eyes peeled for american aligators, tarpon, and blue herons.

7. Go Exotic

Looking for something a little more exotic? Join our seasoned travel experts on one of the upcomming luxury travel vacations for garunteed fun and value. Locations include Fiji, Golapagos, Saba, La Paz, the “real” Mexico, Belize, New Zeland and more.

8. Meet someone new

Join the Down Under Dive Club. With over 200 members it’s a great way to meet other local divers and take part in exclusive events, such as club only dive trips and meetings during the summer months.

9. Give your back the day off

Diving in sidemount configuration is the process of taking one or two cylinders and placing them on either side of your body, rather than mounting them on your back, (traditionally known as backmounted). But Sidemount diving is much more than just a change in equipment. In fact, with the right training, you will find it to be a vastly more rewarding and enlightening experience.

10. Become a mentor
Remember what it was like to be the newbie? Nothing helped me more through the years than the patience and helpful pointers of some great Divemasters and Instructors. Why not join their ranks and Go Pro? Down Under is always looking for new team members we can change you life today.

Call us to day to start checking things off your list.