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Travel Schedule

October 2016 Freediving/Spearo Trip (TBA)

November 2016 Belize Ramon's Village

February 2017 2nd Weekend Saturday and Sunday  Florida Manatee Trip

March 1st thru 8th Raja Ampat Indonesia

February 2018 Bonaire

February 2019 Maldives

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Sheepshead Shootout Rules March 14th through April 17th 

The Gulf Coast’s Annual Month long Sheepshead Only Spearfishing Tournament in memory of our friend Lance Eslava.

Rule and Regulations

1. Only Sheepshead will be weighed and scored / Excluding Flounder Jackpot

2. Fish may be taken from any body of water (obey all local laws)

3. All fish weighed must be taken by spear (No Power heads or Shark Darts)

4. Only one fish per contestant per day will be scored

5. Fish must be weighed at Down Under Dive Shop by a weigh master w/witness.

6. You must be signed up and paid for 24 hours prior to enter a fish

7. All contestants must show proof of AL fishing license and spearfishing license

8. Sign up during operation hours after 10:00 AM at Down Under Dive Shop

9. Categories will include SCUBA, Free Diving,  and Novice (less than a year experience)

There will be a First Place, Second Place, and Third Place Prize for each Category.

Award Ceremony (Shootout Cookout)

An award ceremony and cookout will be held at Down Under Dive Shop for all participants on Sunday April 17th . The ceremony will be from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. Positions and prizes will be awarded and food and beverages will be served.

Tournament t-shirts will be given to every contestant.

Note: The State of Alabama Marine Resource Division requires all spearfishermen to hold both a saltwater fishing license and a spearfishing license. If any contestants choose to fish waters of another state they are responsible for obtaining and obeying those local laws.

Sheepshead Shoot Out Entry Form 

(Please Print)


Home phone:___________________________

Cell phone: ____________________________

Home address:_________________________


Entry Fee $25.00 (Non Refundable) yes ____ 
Extra Shirt Fee $15.00 yes ____ 

Flounder Jackpot $10.00 yes ____ no ____

Gun type: _____________________________

Do you have a boat? yes ____ no ____

If yes name:____________________________

Certification Level Agency and #____________

What category? SCUBA___ FREEDIVER___ NOVICE___

What’s your email address: ________________ 

I agree to abide by the rules of the spear fishing contest.

Shirt Size: Small___ Medium___ Large____ XL___ XXL___

Signature: ____________________ Dated:_______