Tech Repair Submission Form
Copy, paste and print this form to tell us what services your equipment will need.

1. Contact information:




The address to ship your equipment back to (NO PO Boxes, please - we ship UPS):



2. Fully describe the equipment you want serviced: (Manufacturer/Model/SN)

First and Second Stage:__________________________________________________

Alternate Air Source:____________________________________________________

Console or Computer:____________________________________________________


3. Services: (Check All that Apply)
· Fist Stage Service $25
· Second Stage Service $25
· Alternate Air Source $20
· BCD Inflator Service $20
· BCD Valve Service $20
· Computer Battery Service $20
· Spg. Air Spool $10
· Hose Replacement $28-$50
*(Above prices do not include part kits)

4. How long do we have to service your equipment?
(Our normal turn-around time is 14 days in-house, unless parts are back-ordered.)
Rush Service: (within 48hrs +$20 per System)

Card Type:_______Card #_______________________________Exp.Date_____/___ Cvv Code___


We will call with a quote before any work is or billing is completed.

Parts Replacement Warranties -
do you have one or don't you?

There are a couple dozen dive equipment manufacturers. Some offer a lifetime of free annual service parts if you'll commit to having your regulator serviced every year. Some don't, and some have a variation on this theme, like a 2-year-free-parts program, or an "it's-up-to-your-retailer" program.
Our policy is simple: Just provide the proof required by the manufacturer that your gear is indeed under a valid parts replacement warranty, and we won't charge you for those parts.

So we need:

1. Proof that you purchased the regulator new from an authorized dealer. This can be in the form of a plastic warranty card, a service logbook, or a receipt.

2. Proof that you had the gear serviced last year at around this time. This can be in the form of an entry in your service logbook or a receipt from an authorized service center.

Please understand that we truly do not want to charge you for your parts if they are legitimately covered by your warranty program. But we have to provide the evidence required by each manufacturer in order to receive the parts from them without charge. So please try to work with us. The good news is that once we have your current warranty records in your permanent service file, we won't have to duplicate this effort next year.