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Take the Master Scuba Diver Challenge Today!
1. Open Water Diver
a. Enriched Air Diver
b. Boat Diver

2. Advanced Open Water Diver
a. National Geographic Diver
b. Digital UW Photographer

3. Rescue Diver Course
a. Emergency O2 Provider
b. Search and Recovery Specialist

c. CPR/First Aid/AED

Become the Leader!
1. Divemaster
a. Deep Diver
b. Wreck Diver
c. Trimix, O2, Nitrox, and Pure Air Gas Blender
d. Equipment Specialist
e. EFR (CPR/First Aid/AED) Instructor
d. Resort Ops and Charters Ops Specialist

Go Pro!

1. PADI Instructor
a. Specialty Instructor (Choose five areas of expertise)
b. Enriched Air Nitrox Instructor
c. Emergency O2 Provider Instructor


Go where no man has gone before!

1. DSAT Tec Diver
a. Sidemount Diver/Instructor
b. Tec 40 (Intro to Tec)
c. Tec Diver
d. Trimix Diver
e. Rebreather Diver

2. NSS-CDS Cave Diver
a. Intro to Cavern
b. Cavern Diver
c. Basic Cave Diver
d. Full Cave Diver