This week at Down Under Dive Shop

Howdy gang,
Well let’s start off with last weekend’s dive Report.
Saturday everyone was blown away by the 80’+ of Viz on our old favorite the Navy Tug.
We then made our way over to the USS Allen (455’ Liberty Ship) where divers were schooled by huge Amberjacks.

Sunday we explored the wreckage of the Three Coal Barges.
Divers used their lights to search for octopus hiding in the wrecks while the Search and Recovery Specialty Course Students Practice locating and lifting objects.

Weekend Class Schedule:
Thursday: Digital Underwater Photography Course $175 DUP Instructor $250
Friday: Scuba Review and Beach Diving $50 Nitrox Diver $175 and Intro to Tec Diving
Saturday: Deep and Wreck Specialty Part 1 $250
Sunday: Deep and Wreck Specialty Part 2 $250

Dive Boat Schedule:
Sat: 6hr 2 Tank Charter: Notch Barge (102’) & Navy Tug (82’)
Sun: 8hr 2 Tank Oriskany: (85’-130’)

Key Largo October 24th (Only 4 Spots Left!!!)

Manatee Trip Feb 12th

Fiji March 19th

Go Pro
Dive Master Nov 6

SCUBA Instructor Nov 22

Congratulations to Aaron Plante and Mike Olson on obtaining your Open Water Certifications.
How about a round of applause for our new Advanced Open Water Diver and Search and Recovery Divers and Rescue Divers: Sonia Webb, Scott Williams, and Brandon Williams, and Vincent Scardina.

Meet The Staff:

Instructor: Cpt. Hugh Headrick
Hugh has been diving for over 15 years and spent some of that time running a dive opp in the BVI.
Hugh currently holds the PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Rating and is working on his PADI Staff Instructor.

Dive Master Candidate: Lance Stricklin (Not to be Confused with Lance Eslava)
Lance, son of a PADI Instructor is a Commercial Diver and Combat Diver and Water Survival Instructor with the US Marine Corps, is currently working on becoming a PADI Dive Master.