Weekend Dive Report

Hey guys and gals what awesome weekend of diving with Down Under Dive Shop.

Saturday we were joined by True Blue Watersports for some excellent dives.
Dive one on the Navy Tug the divers rocked out in 85 degree water with 50’ of viz!
Amberjacks, cudas, and Snapper were abundant.
Dive two we enjoyed 70’ of viz on the bridge rubble and some pretty big grouper.

Sunday we made way to the USS Oriskany.
After a little adventure with some high winds, the Gulf smoothed out and we were in love with the nearly 100’ viz and mild currents.
You should have seen the gnarly sandbar shark that stayed with us on both dives.

Congratulations to Donald Breece, William Trapnell, Scott Williams, Vince Scardina, Austin Luke and Tyler Richardson on completing their Open Water and Advanced Open Water Certifications.

Hey, lets give a big round of applause to Down Under Dive Shop’s newest PADI Instructors, Wesley Rose and Jim Mahan Jr. That’s thanks to lots of hard work and dedication.
Go Team Down Under.

If you would like to join their ranks stop by and talk to Bryan Eslava, our resident Course Director to start your new career.

Become a PADI Dive Master or SCUBA Instructor.

Dive Master starts in October and Instructor Development in November.

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