Still Divin'

Warm sand, cool margarita, the colors of my last dive still float through my mind as I lay back on the chaize lounger. Mexico. Playa del Carmen is the old skool Mexico most divers dream about. Yes, it is beginning to be comercialized it has a McDonald's down town. However at the Tukan Hotel and Tank Ha Dive Center you still get a slice of Carribean Heaven with a Spanish Accent. I'm practically bursting at the seams to get gone. July 16th can't come soon enough. There is still space available if you want to jump on board last minute. $550 per person, plus flight. You get four nights, five days, and six dives, plus breakfast and airport transfers from Cancun.
Until then, I'm tieing over my dive appetite with GULF DIVES in Panama City, FL this Saturday. I've got connections, and was able to reserve a whole boat for Saturday at 1:00 for a two tank inshore trip. We gotta be at the Dive Locker in Panama City at noon for check in. We'll be back about 5:00. It's about 3 hours to Panama City, I would budget four because of holiday traffic. For those staying the night, you are welcome to join me on a NIGHT DIVE at St. Andrew's State Park. Additional diving might be available on Sunday, but space is very limited. $85 plus rental for the two tank boat trip. Night diving or Sunday boat trips are additional fees.
Well, I'm going to go diving, and if the Gulf of Mexico means anything to you, join me. It might be our last chance for a while!

See ya in the Blue,