PADI Go Pro Meeting Moved to Friday June 25th 7pm

Become a PADI Divemaster or a Open Water Scuba Instructor and take your career anywhere. When was the last time you said, "I love my job! "? Go PRO and you'll be saying it all the time.
Ditch the nine to five office job. Live your dream by transforming the lives of others while teaching scuba diving lessons.
Meet and pick the brain of PADI’s Regional Manager and lifetime Professional Diver, Jon Coon.

Also learn about new opportunities as a specially trained Contaminated Environment Diver, Public Safety Diver, or research Diver and find out how Down Under Dive Shop can help you get there.

Friday, June 25th, 2010 at 7 p.m. FREE PIZZA!!!
Please call 251-968-DIVE (3483) to reserve your spot. Its free but space is limited and is attendace dependant.
See ya there.


Boating closure in effect today

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has closed the following areas to all recreational vessels and watercraft , including recreational fishing vessels and watercraft: All Alabama waters south of a line running from the southernmost tip of Bear Point to the Eastern shore of the mouth of Ono Harbor on Ono Island. This will include Bayou St. John, Terry Cover, Terry Cove Harbor, Cotton Bayou, Perdido Pass and all canals entering these waters.The closure goes into effect at 4:00 p.m. today.

City of Orange Beach weekend help desk

The City of Orange Beach will be staffing a help desk at city hall Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. for anyone with questions related to the oil spill. The weekend help number is 981-6979.

Alabama Gulf Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau
PO Drawer 457
Gulf Shores, AL 36547

1-800-745-SAND (7263)

For questions and concerns about this email, please send an email to

You are receiving this email because you or your business is listed as an Industry Partner to the Alabama Gulf Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau.

BP / Deepwater Horizon Incident Oil Spill Update

Orange Beach waterways, unfortunately, have seen scattered oil impact that has come through Perdido Pass. City officials and staff are working with BP and its contractors to clean the beaches and waterways as quickly as possible. It is expected for more product to come ashore over the next 24 hours. The public is reminded to please, DO NOT TOUCH OIL in any form. The BP hotline for reporting oil on the shore and for private property is 1-866-448-5816. To report oil
impacts to wildlife, contact 866-557-1401. The majority of the oil impact came through the pass prior to the completion of the boom strategy.
Work has begun on the Perdido Pass Emergency Oil Spill Protection Projection. This is more sophisticated protection system. More details about the plan will be on our website Friday.
The US Coast Guard has closed Perdido Pass to recreational boat traffic during the incoming tide. It is open during the out going tide. Due to the large anticipated amount of product expected to arrive in our area over the next 48 hours, we do anticipate to closing of the public boat launches and waterways to boat traffic by the Coast Guard. We should have more information regarding the closures tomorrow at midday.
At the Governor’s request, the Alabama National Guard and Alabama EMA will be visiting businesses in each Gulf Shores and Orange Beach to increase awareness about the BP claims process for individuals and businesses.
Anyone who has suffered a loss due to this incident, from loss of wages to lost revenue, is encouraged to start the claims process.
The Alabama Department of Public Health has expanded the Swimming Advisory to include Alabama gulf waters to now include the waters of Bayou St John, Terry Cove, Cotton Bayou and Old River. Advisory notices are posted at public beach accesses. These are precautionary measures issued to protect the public’s health.
The City of Orange Beach is continuing to work with the City of Gulf Shores, Baldwin County, State of Alabama officials: Shelby, Sessions and Bonner and Federal officials on a daily basis to improve the response. The City’s new beach cleaner arrived today and was put into operation.
The City has scheduled a seventh general information meeting on Wednesday, June 16, 2010 at 12pm at the Orange Beach Recreation Center. The location has been changed to handle the large crowd anticipated. These meetings will be held regularly on Wednesdays at noon to give citizens the opportunity to be updated by the Mayor and other City Leaders about the City’s response and action plan. We have invited our county, state and federal leaders to be present as well.
NOAA Fisheries Service has modified the boundaries of the closed fishing area to better reflect the current location of the BP oil spill. Commercial and recreational fishing including catch and release is prohibited in the closed area. Federal waters are three miles out from Alabama State Line and nine miles out from the Florida State Line.

For More info and water conditions call the hotline: 251-980-4636


Still Diving!

Anyone want to get wet? This Thursday, June 11th we are diving the Russian Freighter and 3-Coal Barges just to the east of Perdido Pass. It's a regular six hour dive charter, just call the shop to book your spot 251-968-3483. Beth is also leading a trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico on July 16th - 20th. For just $549 dollars you can enjoy four nights, five days, and six incredible dives! Hotel stay, boat trips, cenote (cavern) diving, airport transfers, and breakfast are all included. The is the trip of your dreams at the price you always wanted. Bryan's headed to Fiji on March 19-26 for a live-a-board trip of a lifetime! We have only 3 spaces left, so call today to book your spot.


Oriskany Tec Dive Report from Gdiver on Decostop

trip report, USS Oriskany (long)


Dove the oriskany with downunder dive shop on sunday. It was one of the best dives i have ever done,and i have 75+ dives on the oriskany alone.On the way out there were storms to the south and the seas were a little bumpy but not bad. When we started to get close i was looking for all the other boats(usually a parking lot out there on the weekends) and there were none,guess the weather kept them in.Sweet!the mighty O and we were the only ones there. There was about a 1 knot surface current and the water was that beautiful blue color.The sky was dark and thunder rumbled in the distance as rain began to hit the deck. We got tied into the wreck and started splashing divers. The downunder is a 46 ft newton so with 12 (10 rec and 2 tech) divers we had plenty of room.

After all the other divers were in i started gearing up. I had been dreading this part because usually by the time i get everything on i am sweating bullets,but not today with it overcast, raining and with a breeze blowing, it was downright nice(drysuit with hot chilllys and 200 mil undies,yes i am a wimp i don't like cold water).Divers started coming up and when one of the other DMs came up i went in. On the way down vis looked to be about 50 ft. as i dropped a huge school of b-liners were about 40 ft. down with the usual cudas in tow as i went deeper i began to see the wreck appear and it was as big as ever. The fish were everywhere around the boat AJs, Grouper,and the biggest red snapper i have ever seen,must have been 60lbs with dozens more in the 25-30lb range, too bad the season wasn't in, and thousands of red shrimp with blue marking in the hanger deck that were marching in perfect order.
I did not have a set plan, just wanted to look around and maybe duck into a few openings and see what was there. Diving my computer with bottom timer and O-crap schedule cut on V-planner on my wet notes.
When i got to depth the vis improved to 75-100ft, as i was swimming along it hit me i was alone on the O. I mean there was no one else there on this 910ft carrier, what a great feeling.
The boat was still the same as last year(first dive this year) except for the middle of the island something has fallen over and you can swim from the port to starboard in about 4 kicks,saw some interesting openings due to this but that will have to be on another dive.soon enough my time was up and i had to leave. On the way up i started thinking about this dive and others that i have done. Last couple of years i have gotten away from wrecks and concentrated on caves, i remembered how much fun this kind of diving is and i hope that myself and eyeryone who dives the gulf will continue to be able to do so in light of whats happening out there right now. On deco from 40' could still see the flight deck. All in all this has to go into my top 5 of all time.While i was down the sun came out and the seas calmed, what a almost perfect day.Cudos to down under and the staff on that day (thanks to Austin for catching that forty that i dropped trying to get it off the line) Only thing that could have made it better, my dive buddy (and wife) there to share it with me. One thing could have made it easier, i forget my john line and had to hang on the down line
Right now it's still a awesome dive but for how long? who knows.